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Reinfeld Designs had been developing professional web sites since 1999.


We are known for our:


•    quality, attractive, user-friendly web sites that

are well listed on search engines;

•    outstanding customer support; and

•    web sites that stand the test of time.


Many of the clients that we worked with in the early days of our business, remain our clients today.  


Located in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, WI - Reinfeld Designs has developed highly successful online business applications for a broad spectrum of clientele, all across the United States. Click here to view our portfolio.

Our Approach


A  web site is the visual representation of the information that you would like to present to existing and future clients. Your site has the potential to be an invaluable tool for your business and we take this very seriously. 


To begin the web site design process, we conduct a detailed interview with each client to gain an understanding of your business, objectives, hopes and concerns. 


We believe it is important to apply the project management skills that we have developed from our business experiences.  Briefly, these include:


•    Careful listening.

•    Researching your industry and competitors.

•    Outlining potential components to your web site.

•    Examining the cost effectiveness of different plans.

•    Choosing the plan that best meets your objectives.

•    Planning the site.

•    Compiling the necessary materials.

•    Designing a style to suit the image that you

would like to present.

•    Creating the web site with your site's users in mind.

•    Making sure that your site is optimized for load

time and optimal search engine listing.

•    Testing the site for ease of use, effectiveness

and technical issues.

•    Ensuring that your original objectives have been met.

•    Maintaining and modifying the site in order to  

maximize its potential.

•    Ensuring that you are well listed on search engines.


If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, please call or email us.
















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